YouView Humax Software Update – November 2012

New software for the YouView Humax box is now available for Retail and BT customers, the software will be available on YouView TalkTalk boxes shortly afterwards.

This software release includes a number of improvements including:

– A fix for viewers who experienced a loss of channels. Please ensure that your box has received this software and then perform a manual channel re-tune. (You can do this by navigating to Settings, TV Signal & Quality, Re-tune Channels) 

– A fix for a problem where occasionally selecting programmes currently broadcasting on live TV through the guide would not work as expected 

– ITV Player now appears in the on-demand players section for the small number of viewers in the South East who previously could not access this player 

– Improved reliability for series recordings 

– Improvements relating to on-demand portals

If your box is connected to the Internet and has not been switched off, either at the plug socket or via the switch on the back of the box then the update will be automatically downloaded overnight 

You can check if you have the latest version by pressing the YouView button on your remote control, navigate to Settings > System Information > Software Versions.

If you see the following, then you have successfully upgraded and do not need to do anything else:


If your box displays different software versions, you can perform a manual update by navigating to Settings > Device Management > Software Update > Get Update, and pressing OK.

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