HD Media Update

Sky Go Extra goes Live 22nd January 2013


What is Sky Go Extra?

– Sky Go Extra is a new subscription product for Sky TV customers with Sky Go launching on the 22nd January 2013

– Works like a Premium upgrade where customers can upgrade at any time with no minimum term

– Cost is added to customer’s Sky TV bill


For £5 per month Sky TV customers can:

– Download selected content so it can be viewed offline later

– Register up to 4 devices on one subscription (basic Sky Go allows up to 2 devices)

– Watch content on 2 devices at the same time


Rules for downloading content:

– Downloaded content will be deleted from a device:

– 30 days after downloading for most movies and some entertainment content

– 7 days after downloading for most entertainment content

– OR 48 hours after viewing starts whichever is earlier

– Downloading must be done on a broadband or WiFi connection


Why is Sky Go Extra better than Virgin’s TV Anywhere?

– Pay customers think Sky Go is already a reason to switch to Sky and now with Sky Go Extra it is something they can’t get with competitors.

– Downloading content is not available on Virgin’s TV Anywhere

– TV Anywhere is not currently available on Android devices.

Sky Go and Sky Go Extra is

– TV Anywhere is only available on up to 2 devices

– On TV Anywhere you can’t get any Sky content (including Sky Sports, Sky Movies, Sky 1 etc.) on mobile devices, only laptops

– Only TiVo customer can access TV Anywhere on mobile devices, only laptops. All Sky TV customers can get Sky Go and Sky Go Extra


Why sell Sky Go Extra to existing customers?



– Have an increasing demand for watching different programmes at the same time in the home

– Kids 11+ may have own devices and can watch what they want

– Downloading is great for holidays as kids and parents can watch on the plane or in the car



– May have multiple devices

– Will be early adopters of new technology and like the ‘cool’ factor



– Can fill downtime on their commute by watching downloaded content even if they don’t have 3G connection


Customer Benefits

– Download at home to watch instantly when on the move

– Never worry about losing signal or incurring high 3G costs

– Maximise your viewing experience on Sky Go Extra with up to 4 devices

– Give the gift of Sky to your family by registering their devices

– Just £5 a month with no on-going commitment


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