Virgin Media Price Rises 29th January 2013


Did you know Virgin Media have increased their prices? Virgin Media (VM) is increasing its prices from Friday 1 February. This is a great opportunity for us to communicate to VM customers and ask them to take a fesh look at Sky



What’s happening? Effective from 1 February Virgin Media are increasing their prices across TV, Broadband, Talk and Collections Packages. Please be aware some customers may have seen changes to their bills in January however the price changes are only effective from 1 February. The purpose of this briefing is to inform you of what we are doing in response to the price increases and give you key messages to communicate to Virgin Media Customers in order to take advantage of the price rises.


Key messages to communicate:

– Did you know Virgin have recently increased their prices? Sky can give you a better deal!

– Key differences between Sky and Virgin Media – our unique selling point’s (USP’s)

– Highlight what’s new at Sky

– Sky is best in market for products, services and value for money

– Hassle free switching


Research has shown us we have to land the following USP messages if we want VM customers to reconsider Sky:

1. Fibre: Sky now has super-fast fibre

2. Exclusive: Best new TV with Sky Atlantic; the channel that everyone wants but that only Sky TV customers can enjoy

3. Sky Go: Sky Go, take your TV with you wherever you go

4. Speed: Our broadband is superfast, unlimited and we don’t slow you down

5. TV: Our TV is the best; we have more inclusive free channels than any other provider

6. Hassle free switching

7. Box: We have a bigger box so you can save more


In order to maximise the Virgin Media price increase opportunity we are working on a marketing plan which will force Virgin Media customers to re-appraise the brand and reconsider Sky.


What does it mean for VM customers? The majority of Virgin Media Customers will be affected by the price increases. Please be aware that there is one price decrease on the Virgin Media TV XL package. The XL package price has decreased by £2.00. We understand this has happened to create easier TV upsell paths to the Premiere Collection.

Actions required – Talk to Virgin Media customers about the price rise and encourage them to switch to Sky. Discussions should focus on our USP’s verses Virgin Media, what’s new at Sky, the great value we offer and hassle free switching!

What is the business doing to help? Disruptive Online Activity – We are developing disruptive activity with the Online Display team which will clearly mention the price rise and will push Virgin Media customers to a landing page which gives consumers strong reasons to choose Sky over Virgin Media.


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