ESPN UPDATE – Sky Homes & Indies Briefing: 3rd May 2013


With BT recently acquiring ESPN’s UK channels, these will cease to be available directly to Sky customers from Sky as of Wednesday, 31 July 2013. Until 31 July, the service for current subscribers to the ESPN channels across all television platforms remains unchanged.

This includes the ESPN and ESPN America channels and their live sports rights portfolio, which covers the FA Cup, Clydesdale Bank Scottish Premier League, UEFA Europa League, and the German Bundesliga.

We have written to/emailed all customers who currently have ESPN to advise them of this and what to do next.


These letters and emails contain the same information, telling the customer that Sky will no longer be showing ESPN from 31 July and that their subscription will end on this day. They also include offering the ability to downgrade from ESPN immediately online, subject to the 31 day notice period. The online form can be found on –

Appropriate customers will receive a broadband offer with their letter, entitling them to 12 months free unlimited broadband when they switch broadband, calls and line rental to Sky. The offer will direct them to – only customers who are entitled to the offer will be able to process it online. Please do not pass this website address to other customers.

This offer is not available via Sky Retail and customers who want to speak to someone should phone through to the call centre on 08442 410 266.

Selling ESPN

  • You should avoid selling ESPN as an a la carte channel, due to the channel’s closure in July.
  • If a customer is adamant that they want to take ESPN as an a la carte channel then you should set their expectations that they will lose this channel on 31 July.
  • It will still appear in your collateral in case a customer does insist, but features a legal line reminding them that it will no longer be available after 31 July 2013.
  • ESPN will come out of your collateral on the 26 June 2013 and should not be sold at all from that point onwards.

Customer queries

I want to keep watching ESPN until 31 July – what happens then?

You can continue to enjoy ESPN services up until the channel closure on 31 July – ESPN will then drop off your EPG and your bill automatically on this date. You need take no action.

I want to cancel ESPN immediately – how can I do this?

You can downgrade from ESPN immediately online, subject to the 31 day notice period. The online form can be found on – You can phone Sky to do so on 08442 410 266, again subject to the 31 day notice period.

(If the customer wants to cancel ESPN after the 1 July, take no action on the account and advise the customer it will cancel automatically on 31 July)

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