Important Update for Napster Subscribers


Shortly after last week’s release of Sonos software version 4.1 we became aware of an issue in our software that causes errors when using Napster by Rhapsody. We’re sending this email to let you know how you can resolve any issues you might encounter and what action Sonos is taking to address the problem.

When using Napster by Rhapsody on Sonos version 4.1 you may receive an error message stating “Unable to play (track name) – the track is not available for streaming from Rhapsody”. This can affect both trial and full accounts.

If you have updated to version 4.1, you can quickly resolve the issue and prevent it from reoccurring by removing your Napster by Rhapsody account and re-adding it into your Sonos system.
1) With your Sonos Controller, go to Manage Services (under Settings or the Manage menu), highlight Napster by Rhapsody and select Remove Account.
2) Once the account is removed, select Napster by Rhapsody from available services and sign in with your username and password.
After re-adding your account, tracks that are not available for playback on Sonos will no longer show in your Controller. Be sure to clear your queue afterwards to remove any previously added tracks.

Sonos will release a corrected version of software 4.1 next week for anyone that has not yet updated. We conducted a thorough internal investigation to identify how the problem was introduced and have taken corrective action to ensure that a similar problem does not occur again in the future.

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience and do not hesitate to contact us if we can provide any assistance.

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