Storage problems on the new 2TB WiFi-enabled Sky+HD box



We’ve discovered an issue which temporarily reduces the amount of storage available on our new 2TB WiFi-enabled Sky+HD boxes. This means that recordings will fail even though the planner shows that there’s still space available. 

You may be affected if you had a 2TB WiFi-enabled Sky+HD box (box model DRX 895W) installed in August, September or October, although it may take some time before you notice there’s a problem. If your box has a high-gloss finish, a 2TB on the front left and a WiFi logo on the front right, then it may be affected. If it doesn’t have all three of these features together, it will not be affected. 

The good news is we know exactly what’s causing the problem and it can be fixed easily without a visit from a Sky engineer. Just follow the simple steps below to reset your box. 

Unfortunately, resetting your box will mean that any recordings you have in your Sky+ planner will be deleted. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you reset your box as soon as possible, before you’ve built up lots of recordings in your planner. We’re very sorry for the obvious inconvenience this will cause if you have a box that’s affected. 

If you’re not able to watch all of the recordings you’ve saved in your planner before you reset your box, don’t forget that you can also go to the On Demand section of your Sky Guide to see the shows you can download to watch once your planner is back to full capacity. 

Once you’ve watched all the shows you’ve recorded or made a note of the ones you can watch afterwards through On Demand, just follow the steps below to perform a full system reset on your box:

1. Press Services on your Sky remote control and you’ll see the main menu with Options highlighted. 


2. Press the right arrow button to highlight Settings and press Select.


3. Press 0 (zero), then 1, then Select to access the Installer Setup menu (this menu is not listed on the Settings menu options).


4. Using the right arrow button, highlight System Reset and press Select.


5. You will see the message, “This option will delete all existing and planned recordings.” Press Select to confirm. Your TV screen will go blank and your Sky+HD box will switch itself off.

6. Wait for three minutes, and then press Sky to switch your Sky+HD box back on.

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