Check our NEW Sync-box – Recessed TV Socket


Let’s talk about the uses of Sync-box and how this recessed TV socket can help your installation.

Sync-box provides the perfect recessed TV socket, merging power & av connections all into one unit. The cleverly patented design, enables users to customise the Sync-box to any configuration, depending on the hardware specifics. How is this possible? Sync-box is designed to be populated with Euro Modules and Keystone Modules and are readily available throughout the UK and Europe. It is now possible to recess power with HDMI, Cat5/Cat6, Coax, Brush Plates, F type and many more with a simple click in/out module.

Cover Plate?

Why is a cover plate necessary if Sync-box is installed behind the TV? The unique, patented cover plate is actually a very important product. The cover plate beautifully finishes off an installation, concealing all power & AV plug connections, when in location. If the TV is relocated to another room the cover plate simply slides over, leaving a beautiful finish with no unsightly sockets on display. However, should a TV be installed onto a swing mount bracket, the wall behind is exposed when the TV is moved away and the cover plate is visible. Cover plates are available in 4 colours, Platinum, Nickel, Gold and Matt White.

New build or retro fit?

The sync-box is designed around a standard double-gang socket making the product ideal to retro fit to an existing socket space. The only difference is the depth of the back box. Sync-box’s back box is 35mm deeper than a standard back box to allow for the recess. If Sync-box is required for a new build, then the width and height dimensions are exactly identical to a standard double gang, it couldn’t be easier!

Solid wall or dry lined wall?

Sync-box is supplied with a metal back box, ideal for solid wall installations. However a plastic back box, for use with dry lined plaster board walls is currently being developed and will be available in Autumn ’14!


Slimmer of the year

Hang your flat screen LCD, LED or Plasma like a beautiful picture frame. The unique cover plate is designed for cable management, keeping loose cables organised for a clean and tidy appearance.

From the side view, space between the rear of the flat screen and wall is barely visible. However, removing your flat screen results in a clean finish with the stylish cover plate on view.




The home entertainment market has changed, televisions have become considerably slimmer and lighter, allowing them to sit closer to the wall.

Television brackets have changed too, reduced in size, the modern brackets mount your television generally 15mm to 25mm away from the wall.


And so we created the first recessed power point.

Sync-box is designed around a standard double socket space. This minimizes structural changes and enables the recessed tv outlet to be fitted retrospectively.

With Sync-box all your cable connections are recessed, so your flat screen doesn’t have to sit away from the wall.

Recessed power outlet, recessed TV point or recessed power outlet & AV, it’s your call because Sync-box is designed around the standard 100mm x 50mm Euro Module system which is yours to adapt for your bespoke requirement.

Sync-box comes with a unique flat blanking plate for when the screen is removed or indeed if the screen is mounted to a swing bracket, exposing the wall behind. We’ve purposefully designed the blanking plate to look modern and stylish in your home.

But what’s behind the television? Power & Audio/Visual leads. Unfortunately, television manufacturers do not supply a recessed AV plugs or recessed power outlet to enable their beautiful screens to fit flush to the wall. Typically, with the connection cables plugged in, the cables can protrude from anything between 40mm and 50mm from the wall.

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Various configurations sent to us via the installation community.




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