Become a Certified DemoPad Installer


It’s easy to get started working with DemoPad regardless of how much experience you have working with control systems. Through our training courses and support services, integrators at all levels will be able to condently specify and install seamless control and automation systems into any building environment. During the one day training course a DemoPad partner will learn how to navigate the software program, design a unique user interface and integrate 3rd party control drivers. Further advanced courses and specication and programming services are also available, providing support for an installation partner at every stage of the DemoPad experience.


After one days training, a DemoPad partner will be able to –

  • Purchase and install the DemoPad CENTRO 8 processor
  • Program DemoPad software and build a custom interface
  • Integrate 3rd party control drivers
  • Receive dedicated support (Including access to our specication, design and programming service)

When an installer attends DemoPad training they will receive their first annual professional DemoPad software license free of charge (Normally £650).

The DemoPad Professional License will enable –

  • Unlimited ‘Free’ downloads of CENTRO 8 app (Custom app branding available)
  • Unlock the advanced automation and control features of the CENTRO 8.
  • Access to a growing list of populated 3rd party drivers
  • Integration with Android OS
  • Manufacturer support from DemoPad
  • Constant software and integration upgrades
  • Authorised dealer listing on the on the DemoPad website

Contact us now for further information about DemoPad and how to become an authorised distributor partner for this exciting new control platform.

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