The All-New PLAY:5 and Trueplay Tuning

sonos play5 new

At Sonos, nothing means more to us than your home listening experience. How to get the purest, most exact version of your favourite music all the way from the studio to your home. With nothing lost along the way.

This year, we’ll be giving you two great new reasons to love listening at home even more.

sonos play5 reimagined

Coming this year, we’re carrying out a revolutionary, state-of-the-art overhaul of our existing PLAY:5. This last word in home audio will deliver a richer listening experience for every song you’ve ever loved or will love. It will reveal even the subtlest of details. Every voice and instrument is heard with precision and clarity. Bringing your old and new favourites to you with depth and crystal-clear clarity.

Rest assured, the launch of an all-new PLAY:5 isn’t going to affect our ongoing commitment to your current system. You will still receive regular updates and support for your original PLAY:5 for years to come.

sonos trueplay

Unveiled in a software release later this year, Trueplay makes every PLAY:1, PLAY:3, and PLAY:5 even smarter. It uses an iPhone or iPad to measure how sound reflects off the walls and other surfaces in any given room. Then fine-tunes the speaker to make sure it sounds great, no matter where you put it.

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