Triax ECO T5 Cascade Multiswitch Range


Simplify your IRS installations

ECO-T5-Multiswitch-range.jpgThe range is designed with the latest chipset technology and offers financial gains for you business – saving you time and rationalising the products required.

Traditionally installs required a designated tap value per floor for balancing a system. The new, innovative Triax adjustable tap enables the same tap to be used on all floors, creating a balanced system with excellent linearity across all polarities.

Active, unity gain 5 input cascade switches are available in 5 sizes up to 32 outputs.


  • 30dB Satellite / 30dB Terrestrial gain, single 5 in 5 out Launch Amplifier with high immunity screened housing
  • Terrestrial Fixed 12dB Tap with 0-18dB adjustable attenuation via a single selector pot. Designed with the latest chipset technology for excellent linearity across all polarities
  • Active, unity gain 5 input Cascade Multiswitches are available in 5 sizes up to 32 outputs
  • Line power from Launch Amplifier to power masthead amplifier combiner FM, DAB UHF (for example TFMV 22W – 370670)
  • LTE enabled
  • Line powered trunk lines via satellite trunks
  • Compact design throughout the series
  • 20 / 24 dB Line Power Repeater Amplifier
  • Direct DC injector on all switches
  • Active terrestrial circuitry enabling terrestrial signals to be distributed even when a STB is not connected
  • Multiswitch powered from Satellite Trunk Lines
  • T5 range designed for consumer drops up to 65m. Normal distances recommended <50m based on 100 type benchmarked cable
  • Tap and switch pitches matched to enable quick connectors to be used
  • 7 storey block can be designed without the need for re-amplification based on 224 points (112 apartments, 16 per floor)
  • Switches can be used as standalone when used with local PSU


The Complete Range

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