Sky Talk Shield

Did you know that on average 1 in 5 people receive a nuisance call a day?


Introducing Sky Talk Shield

Sky’s brand new personalised call-screening service, Sky Talk Shield lets you answer the calls you want and block the ones you don’t.

And it’s free for Sky Broadband & Talk customers.

Sky network areas only. Activation required. If you use a security or care alarm, you should add the provider’s number to your Star List. Other call blocking products are not compatible and should be disabled. Call Screening feature not compatible with text phones or fax machines.

Key Features

  • Automatically screens customers calls on any homephone
  • Call Screening is automatically switched on for customers who have activated
  • Numbers on their Star List will get through straight away every time
  • Numbers on their Block List will never be able to get through again
  • Easily add up to 1000 numbers to the Star or Block Lists

Freeze out cold calls

Screens calls automatically

  • Good news for you, bad news for cold callers

Personalise your service

  • Create Star Lists for your favourite numbers and Block Lists for nuisance callers

Works across your home phones

  • As soon as you activate Talk Shield

Easy to use

  • Listen to the caller and simply accept or block the call

Simple to activate

  • Sign in with your Sky iD

How Talk Shield works

  1. Someone tries to call you
  2. Talk Shield intercepts and blocks any robots
  3. If it’s a person, your phone rings and Talk Shield tells you who it is
  4. Listen to who’s calling and choose to accept or block the call
  5. You can easily add the number to your Star or Block List


Star and Block Lists

Add up to 1,000 numbers across your Star and Block Lists easily, while on a call, after the call has ended, or online. Callers on your Star List, such as your friends and family, will get straight through every time. Numbers you block will never bother you again. Simple.

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